Full Cast of The Phoenix Imperative

Full Cast of The Phoenix Imperative

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Character Bios

I appologize for the fact that I have not posted any new episodes of the comic for the last, what, four months or so.  I am working on it when I am able to do so, but progress is a fair bit slower than I would like.  In the meantime, I decided to do some screen shots of the cast and add some background for each of them.

Bridget and Cameron

Bridget Collins: Not much is known about Bridget at this point.  She is a young and somewhat naive woman living in the town of Megaton.  She makes ends meet by scavenging the nearby ruins for items to sell, and occasionally gets gifts of caps and equipment from her older brother Daniel, when he has the time to visit her.  Daniel is the only family she apparently has, as she has mentioned that she never really knew her parents.  She has an adventurous spirit, and thoroughly enjoys heading out on new adventures in the Wasteland.

There is some mystery about her past however.  It has been suggested that Bridget's last name is O'Hara, and not Collins.  Whether this is a misunderstanding or not is yet to be revealed, as are the origin of her fangs.

Bridget is a friendly, yet lonely individual, with no real friends until she met a Pre-War android by the name of Cameron.

Cameron: Cameron is a Pre-War artificial intelligence (or A.I.) that was stationed at the Vault 101 Surface Monitoring Station.  Cameron has not revealed much else about her past except that the only person she considered a friend is dead, and that she now feels "alone in a world not her own".  Meeting Bridget Collins has changed that, giving Cameron a new friend in this strange, hostile world.

With Bridget as a guide, Cameron plans to explore this broken world in hopes of discovering what, if anything she can do to help the survivors of the atomic holocaust.  She also intends to learn what it is to be human, hoping to "evolve" beyond her cold, machine logic, enabling her to, if nothing else, truly be a friend to Bridget.

Like Bridget, Cameron's past holds mysteries.  Who created her and why, for what purpose?  Will she truly work towards helping humanity, or are her plans more insidious?

Ghost and Sasha Ashe

Ghost: Her name is a very apt description of the woman that carries it.  Ghost's colouration is almost that of an albino.  The only difference between her and someone with albinism, is the eyes: an albino has unusually red-hued eyes, where as Ghost does not.  Her name also describes her ability to move.  She can be very quiet on her feet, as well as hard to spot if she does not wish to be seen.  Born and raised in a Vault with her cousin Crystal, Ghost quickly adopted a hunter's mentality once in the Wasteland, although adjustment to life on the surface has been difficult for her.

The settlements of Megaton and Big Town are her homes in equal measure, with her best friend Sasha Ashe living in Megaton, and her cousin living in a compound in Big Town.  A person would be hard pressed to find a more loyal friend than Ghost.

Sasha Ashe: Another character with a mysterious past, Sasha refuses to discuss her life before she arrived in Megaton.  The only hint we have about her past is a connection with a pair of Regulators, by the name of Silas Caine and Rhenstad Temple.

A smart and deadly young woman, she frequently collaborates with Moira Brown on projects, and has a grasp of military tactics that is normally only found in experienced people at least twice her age.  Due to her sharp mind and reluctance to speak of the past, she found a kindred spirit in her friend Ghost.

Silas Caine and Stryder

Silas Caine: A long time member of the Regulators, Silas has spent many years trying to make the Wasteland a safer place for his fellow man.  Looking back, he has seen how futile his attempts have been up until now, yet he continues to try, as he knows no other way.

About ten years ago, Silas and his partner at the time, Rhenstad Temple, encountered a young Sasha Ashe.  All that is known of this encounter is that it resulted in Temple being severely wounded, and taken away by something or someone calling itself a Valkyrie.  Neither Silas nor Sasha will talk about what happened.  It might be some time, if ever, before we learn about it.

Stryder: Stryder is a rather new member of the Regulators.  His current partner and mentor, Silas Caine, doesn't really enjoy having to break in the youngster, especially since Stryder's bright outlook on life is grating on Silas' rather jaded one.

Bright outlook on life or no, Stryder can be counted on to do his job efficiently.  You could do worse than to have him watching you back.

The Black Host

Although it has not yet been mentioned by name, the Black Host is the mysterious organization to which Maeva belongs, along with her superior, Adam, and his superior, Lady Drusilla.

Maeva: All we know of the red-headed woman called Maeva is she is black hearted, mercenary and manipulative.  Killing seems to be her business, and it is one she thoroughly enjoys.  Those she employes are just a means to an end, tools that she can and will cast aside as soon as they are no longer useful.

Not much seems to frighten Maeva.  She is more than willing to go toe-to-toe with a Supermutant with nothing more than a combat knife, or even her bare hands if necessary, but she would prefer to do the job from a distance with a hail of lead, or a grenade or four.  There is one thing we have learned that frightens Maeva more than anything in the Wasteland: The Elders of the Black Host, such as Lady Drusilla.

Adam: We currently know less about Adam than we do Maeva.  We know that he holds a superior rank to Maeva in the organization, and like Maeva, not much, if anything scares him, except the Elders.

Lady Drusilla: What is it about this tiny woman that terrifies the likes of people such as Adam and Maeva?  You would not know just from looking at her, as she is a small, waif-like woman.  It does not take long in her presence though, to realize that this almost child-like creature seems to ooze power, confidence and control.  There is something not right about her pale skin, fiery eyes, and elongated canines.  She is a predator, plain and simple, a being at the top of the food chain.  It is not what you can see about her that is most frightening about her...it is what you can't see.

She is an Elder in an organization that respects only power, and she has more than earned the right to hold the rank she does.


  1. I love the Data-esque expression on Cameron.

    You apologize that these aren't new episodes, but I'm thinking that starting some bios pages now is a very good idea. As the comic evolves they will be a great way for us (and maybe you?) to keep track of everybody.

    Many well-known science fiction authors (especially those of novel series) include a dramatis personae as part of an appendix in each book.

  2. I do plan on adding more bios as things progress, as, quite obviously, we will be meeting more characters that will play more than just "walk on" parts.

    It would also be worth my time to do bios for the various organizations the we encounter in the story, such as the Regulators, Brotherhood of Steel, and the Slavers. There are other groups as well, that I have either created for this tale, or borrowed for its use, such as the Hammers of Thor, The Black Host, The Valkyries and a certain intelligence gathering organization referred to as "The Scouts".